The Importance of a Family Law Solicitors


Family lawyers in Sydney CBD are the best Solicitors. They represent their clients in court for contentious cases regarding divorce, domestic violence, and also advice on legal matters on family property, adoption, and guardianship. They advise concerning legal issues and domestic relations between family members. The law looks after marital, civil, and domestic partnerships and the termination of such relationships.

In2010, Pamela Cominos founded Cominos Family Lawyers with the sole mission to change the traditional delivery methods of legal services. She was a divorcee, who went through great problems, tensions, and a turbulent divorce proceeding. Most, of the problems, were due to the non-availability of a perfect Family Lawyer! So, Pamela thought of becoming that perfect Family Lawyer herself!

Since, 2010 Pamela has become the best, strong, and supportive Lawyer for her clients! She is one of Sydney’s top Family Lawyers. She and her team have delivered great results, with timely, clear, and knowledgeable legal advice for her clients! Men and Women throng to her office to get clear and concise, result-oriented advice and seldom are disappointed!

The legal assistance provided by Family lawyers in Sydney CBD:

  1. Divorceand annulment
  2. Child protection and legal rights
  3. Domestic abuse cases
  4. Property and financial settlements
  5. Juvenile law for minor children

Divorce and annulment: 

A divorce is a matter of separation by a couple who are married. The fights, quarrels, and stressful situations make a couple separate.The family law solicitors come to the rescue by working out an amicable solution. They make the right provision for children!  

Child protection and legal rights: 

Due to parental conflicts and separation, the solicitors workon giving the right of taking care of the child by one single parent. In the case of further dispute, if both parents do not agree, the family law solicitors arrange for 

the child’s custody by stepparents, legal guardians likegrandparents, local authority adoption.  

Domestic abuse cases: 

If a spouse is suffering from domestic abuse, threatening behavior or physical assault, or sexual abuse, the solicitors take immediate steps according to the law to protect the spouse abused and the child. The law restraints the couple from physical fights and counsels them to stay happily by reconciliation. 

Property and financial settlements: 

The solicitors in accordance with the law to divide the property or arrange for monetary distribution by the sale of the property. This includes movable and immovable property. 

Juvenile law for minor children:

This law helps in securing a child who is aminor and has committed a crime like accidental murder, theft, or any other crime. They are handed to a remand home as a punishment for the period the court of law decides.


Family lawyers in Sydney CBD, represent their clients incourt for contentious cases regarding divorce, domestic violence. Advice onlegal matters on family property, adoption, and guardianship. They are very popular among men and women, due to consistencies in divorce cases and amicable settlement records. 

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